Heat styling natural gray hair

Heat Styling Gray Hair

Going Gray? Now you are kind of worried. Will I be able to heat style my natural grey hair? And how? Do I need to switch to different heat-styling products? What is the best heat protectant for grey hair? Don’t worry; even I was surrounded by these questions. And I came up with some surprising […]

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Go Gray with Online and Offline Support

Each going grey journey is exceptionally unique. Culture, society and deep-rooted beliefs regarding the beauty standards in various parts of the world may exhibit diverse confrontations. In this post, I’ve tried to throw light on various factors that may create difficulty in a smooth journey towards embracing our natural gray hair and how to create

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Ayşegül’s SparklingSilvers Story

Ayşegül is a holistic health and self-love coach and a dancer. She holds a strong presence in the Instagram silver sisters family. Her Instagram handle is  @rawthyself This gypsy soul has unique ways of expressing her love for nature and dance. Her posts are soulful, with positive vibes and affirmations. Read her unique going gray

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Amber’s SparklingSilvers Story

We keep on looking for inspirations that we can relate to. When I started my journey to go grey and created an Instagram documentation account, my first concern was to follow women I could relate to in terms of age and hair colour. Amber was one of them. Her neat pictures and encouraging words were

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