Going Grey 30s

Amber’s SparklingSilvers Story

We keep on looking for inspirations that we can relate to. When I started my journey to go grey and created an Instagram documentation account, my first concern was to follow women I could relate to in terms of age and hair colour. Amber was one of them. Her neat pictures and encouraging words were […]

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Anjana's Grey Hair Transformation

Anjana’s SparklingSilvers Story

After ten years of blissful marriage and a wonderful daughter, something clicked – it was time to start this blog! This realization came hand-in-hand with my year-long journey of embracing my grey hair. Inspired by this experience, I wanted to empower the grey hair movement by sharing the wisdom I gained along the way. Me

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Afro-american silver hair

Dee: Young and Grey

Dee is one of the youngest silver-haired girls I have known on Instagram in the past year. This 28-year-old girl, also known as @naturallyplatinum on Instagram, is from North Carolina.  She discovered her first grey hair when she was around 15 and started dyeing her hair in various colours at 19. After colouring her hair

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