Gray Hair Transition Story

MaryAnn’s Gray Hair Transition

Meet MaryAnn, A philanthropist and a writer who claims going gray to be the best thing she ever did. Her hair has grown thicker than ever and is healthier than before. Read her inspiring story as she narrates: A story of change—a story of becoming. I have learned how to surf waves rather than get

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manic panic on grey hair

How to Use Vibrant Hair Colours on Natural Gray Hair

Temporary and Semi-Permanent Hair Colours: There are four types of hair dyes: Permanent dye, Demi-permanent, Semi-permanent, and Temporary hair dyes. Permanent and Demi-permanent hair colours penetrate the cuticles to give hair a long-term colour. As we embrace our natural gray hair, they are useless to us. For a short-term hair makeover instantly, without causing any

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before and after gray hair transition

Radhika’s SparklingSilvers Story

Radhika is an educator for TESL Ontario, and being a creative person, she has always had a different take on grey hair. She always believed grey hair was beautiful and made people glow. Connect and follow Radhika on Instagram @duskysilver9 As we get older, our faces, in my observation, do not look good with dark

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Heat styling natural gray hair

Heat Styling Gray Hair

Going Gray? Now you are kind of worried. Will I be able to heat style my natural grey hair? And how? Do I need to switch to different heat styling products? Don’t worry; even I was surrounded by these questions. And I came up with some surprising facts that I never knew. I am sure

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