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ACV Rinse for Healthy and Shiny Silver Hair

After the transition, the real challenge in front of me was to keep my natural silver hair shiny and keep the brassiness away without compromising the health of my hair.

I have been using GoodBye Yellow Purple shampoo twice a month. It is doing its job of neutralizing the yellow undertones, but the effort to remove product build-up and keep away frizz remained unsolved.

I knew about and heard of ACV rinse in the silversisters community, so thought of giving it a try.

I must say it solved all of gray hair problems giving my hair a new life with shine and lustre than I ever imagined. 

Also, I learned about the hair pH and how to keep the pH balance for hair health.

No products can compete this natural way of keeping natural silver hair smooth, healthy, shiny and frizz-free. 

Give it a try!

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Apple Cider Vinegar or also known as ACV is known for various health benefits and its been used for various natural health remedies.

It contains natural proteins, enzymes, healthy bacteria and acetic acid.

Hair and ACV:

High Alkaline products and hard water types are higher on the pH scale which causes the hair cuticle to open, this is what causes hair to become brittle and dry which in turn causes split ends, breakage and the dreaded frizz.

acv rinse

ACV is a fantastic natural hair tonic.

By closing the hair cuticles ACV is known to help retain moisture, decrease frizz, add shine, increase softness, helps remove product build up which is said to help to go longer between washes.

It unclogs the hair follicles which may help with excess shedding, stimulates your scalp, helps with dandruff, helps soothe and itchy scalp and can treat scalp infection.

It is also believed that it can promote hair growth and prevent hair loss too.

It’s clarifying and unclogging effect, as well as its ability to stimulate the scalp is what leads people to believe that it could put your hair in a better position to grow and shed.

Hair pH and ACV:

acv rinse apple cider vinegar rinse

Due to low pH level of around 3 in apple cider vinegar it can be used to help close the hair cuticle by lowering the pH in our hair. Healthy hair is slightly more acidic with a pH of around 4.5 to 5.5.

According to this article, the alkaline pH may increase the negative electrical charge of the hair fiber surface. It’s a reality and not a myth that lower pH of shampoo may cause less frizzing for generating less negative static electricity on the fiber surface.

Facts to know before ACV Rinse:

As ACV is highly acidic its important not to overuse it and it must be diluted with water to bring the pH upto around 4 for hair answers.

Use distilled or filtered water in your rinse.

Filtered water is gonna neutralize hard water which tends to be more alkaline.

So this will minimize the effect the rinse has on closing the cuticles.

And distilled water is actually acidic because it has no dissolved solids in it so if you get your hands on distilled water that’s probably gonna to be best thing to use in your rinse.

Final rinse with cold water. It is known to help close the cuticles and add shine which is just gonna maximize the benefits of the rinse.

Getting the perfect ratio:

1-4 tablespoons of ACV and 1-2 cups of water seems to be the most agreed amount but to be safe the main rule is to make sure your rinse is brought upto a pH of 4.

Dry hair needs less ACV and greasy hair needs more. So I went with around 5 tab spoon ACV in one cup of water. This measures around one ounce of water so its about 1 to 8 ratio.

1:8 Ratio of ACV and water

How to use? The correct way:

  • After shampooing and conditioning pour the ACV rinse over the scalp making sure to soak all of the hair.
  • Pour the concoction slowly all over the scalp and hair. Go for a cold rinse because this is said to help close cuticles and add shine.
acv rinse
  • It smells quite strong but less noticeable when it dries.
  • Let the ACV leave in for 2-3 min. Then rinse and shower off vinegar from hair and body to avoid the smell.
  • You can use a conditioner after the rinse if you wish.
  • Instead of a vigorously drying your hair with a towel, wrap your hair with a t shirt or a microfiber towel to reduce the frizz on the hair.
  • Gently comb your hair and do absolutely nothing else.
  • Then leave it to air dry completely naturally.
  • If you wish to brush your hair, it’s better to gently detangle with a comb while its wet. 

To help with the smell its recommended to add a few drops of an essential oil like lavender or rosemary or peppermint.

1-2 drops will be sufficient to surpass the vinegar smell.

Make sure to do an allergy test before using any essential oil for the first time.

Use filtered water before the ACV rinse to make sure to get rid of any hard water left in your hair.


I slept with a silk cap on the same day. Hair felt sleek, it was glossy, it was bouncy and the individual strands actually felt stronger. It was soft and not tangly at all.

Cut down the use of heat tools on hair or just avoiding will help in controlling damage and hair frizz.

After care plays a huge factor in the outcome.

Please note that if your hair is colour treated ACV rinse can strip off the dyed colour because the acetic acid in the rinse is a strong clarifier.

I would count it to be another benefit for a silversister going gray cold turkey.

It can act as a natural way of stripping off the dye from hair softening the demarcation line.

How often to use the rinse?

There is no scientific advice on how often to use it but it is suggested using it twice a week to twice a month totally depending on how your hair reacts to it.

If you are going to use it as much as twice a week I recommend just using a smaller ratio maybe 1-2 tsp per one cup of filtered water and for short hair half of it.

Remember its worth experimenting.

I wanted to give some friendly insight on your struggle to find the perfect balance of ACV to water ratio. 

Everybody’s water have a different pH which is the reason why the ratios may differ from person to person.

So, considering that there’s a universal, nominal pH we want the ACV rinse to be, we would have to dilute our ACV with water to be that pH (and everybody’s ratios would be different since our taps give us different pHs of water).

acv rinse ratio

On the off chance you wanted an easy scientific way to do this at home, you can get some pH test strips and start with a small ratio of water to ACV and test the pH little by little, adding more water every time to make the pH go up.

Obviously, this would only need to be done once and you would need to keep track of how much water to ACV you’re making for future reference.

It’s recommended that for dry hair you use a bit less and for greasy hair use a bit more. But it’s worth experimenting because everyone’s hair is different.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Although its a natural remedy still it is recommended to do a patch test before use. It may cause skin irritation, reactions to some skin types.
  • It must never be overused and must be DILUTED every time before using.

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Hope this helps…

Feel free to share your hair discoveries in the comments. Start conversation, may be you can help somebody out. We are all in this hair journey together. We can do it.

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  1. Thanks for the info ? I have been looking for a natural rinse for my Gray hair and I’m going to try it. Is there a natural shampoo for Gray hair? Would Love to know ?????

  2. After reading your info on ACV I thought I would share my experience. I’ve been using ACV for about 18 months, I use 2tbls to 1 cup water in a spray bottle, after shampoo and conditioner I spray all over the hair but I don’t wash the ACV out. Wrap hair in micro fibre towel for about 10mins then spray with leave in coconut conditioner and then heat protection spray then blow dry or leave to dry. I do this every other day and my hair grows so fast, it’s grown a good 7inch in 6.5 months and is in the best condition it’s ever been in. Also my hair smells lovely no ACV smell maybe that’s because I use coconut leave in conditioner anyway I definitely give ACV a 10 out of 10, I’ve tried rinsing it out but found I get better results leaving it on my hair so give it a try folks ?

  3. I have been using apple cider as a rinse for about 8 years yes it does all things you have said , I got my information from American show about 8 or more years ago.

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