Kerotin Purple Shampoo

Kerotin Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Review

It’s been about a year since Kerotin approached me to try their Purple hair care products. They send me their Purple Shampoo and Conditioner to know what I think.

Since then, I have been using these products and thought now it’s time to give an honest review of these products.

If you have been a regular visitor to my blog, you might know how much I am concerned about what I am putting on my head after going grey.

I take extra care in this regard and ensure I use the products with the least harmful chemicals.

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So when Kerotin approached me, I explored the brand, and this is what I discovered.

Kerotin is a brand that specifies hair care solutions. They describe themselves as a self-care brand.

They offer the best products for women undergoing various hair transitions, like embracing their natural hair by giving up on hair dye or changing hair texture due to ageing.

Based in the US, this company make 100% drug-free hair care solutions that are also cruelty-free. Also, they have products for all hair types.  

If you are new to purple products, let me introduce you to what purple shampoo is and how it works?

What is a Purple Shampoo?

Purple Shampoos are purple pigmented shampoos formulated to neutralize the brassiness/yellow in grey hair caused by various factors such as the use of hard water, exposure to sunlight, heat damage, product build-up, etc.

A purple shampoo should be used once a week to preserve and maintain the true colour of gray hair.

How to use a Purple Shampoo?

Basically, purple shampoos are not used as regular shampoos.

Purple shampoos are used after washing hair with a regular shampoo.

Regular shampoo removes all the dirt from the hair and prepares the hair to absorb the purple pigment of the purple shampoo to neutralize the yellow tones.

How long should you keep Purple Shampoo on Gray Hair?

Generally, a purple shampoo is left on wet hair for 3-5 minutes or, as stated in the ‘directions to use’ on the product.

It would be best to try it out and find the specific time your hair needs to tone down the brassiness.

When I started using purple shampoo, I kept it for 2-3 minutes as indicated on the bottle, but later, I realized leaving it for 5-7 minutes worked for me.

Can a Purple Shampoo be used on dry hair?

Hair is more porous while in a dry state, absorbing the purple pigment more and may lead your hair to turn purple.

Also, dry hair is unevenly absorbent, which means your hair will absorb more pigment on the ends and to the parts where the hair strand is damaged, giving your hair an uneven pigmentation.

So, it’s a No, No.

What is a Purple Conditioner, and how to use it?

As the name suggests, Purple conditioners are also purple pigmented conditioners that give a smooth texture and brightness to silver hair.

It would be best if you use a purple conditioner after every purple shampoo wash for the best results.

The Review

Before starting, I must also share my hair type with you.

My hair is normal with a wavy texture. I don’t need to make much effort to keep up my hair. But hormonal imbalances and changing weather conditions sometimes demand special nourishment and care.

The first thing I loved about Kerotin Purple Shampoo and Conditioner is that they are cruelty-free.

I found the shampoo to be gentle on hair and doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils. In addition, it doesn’t contain chemicals like sulfates and alcohol, so my hair remains soft and frizz-free.

It doesn’t leave an unwanted film on hair strands as it has no silicones and parabens. It is a point to consider as any kind of chemical coating on silvers causes discolouration and weighs down the hair.

Kerotin Purple Shampoo doesn’t dry out my hair but rather moisturizes it. Sometimes even I use this shampoo twice a week, and the results are never disappointing.

I want to caution you that you should not use purple shampoo frequently, as our hair absorbs purple pigment every time we use purple shampoo on our hair. So, gradually, it might turn your hair a bit darker.

Kerotin Purple Shampoo is highly pigmented and is not required to use in quantity.

Kerotin conditioner is moisturizing and free from sulfates and sodium chloride. Using Kerotin conditioner after each purple shampoo application gave my hair extra softness.

Kerotin conditioner, even after using a regular shampoo, tones down hair perfectly.

I found using the purple conditioner once a week works best for my hair. However, using more than that weighs down my hair.

Both the shampoo and the conditioner have a mild fragrance.

Here are the before and after pics of my hair. Both were taken on the same day and in natural light. 

Purple shampoo before and after
Purple shampoo before and after pictures

In the before pic, I curled my hair with the help of a flat iron. Look how brassy it looked due to the heat protectant and heat on my hair.

The after picture is freshly washed hair treated with Kerotin Purple Shampoo and Conditioner and air dried.

I never needed to use moisturising hair masks after using Kerotin purple shampoo. It left my hair soft and moisturised. (Generally, purple shampoos dry out hair.)


I found this combo works great on grey hair.

After throwing harmful chemicals on my hair for about 16 years, I am concerned about what I am putting on my head now.

Being a cruelty-free product without harmful chemicals, Kerotin is safe to use on all hair types.

It’s an affordable combo of complete care for natural grey, white and blonde hair.

Give it a try!

You can purchase Kerotin Shampoo and Conditioner from their official website.

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