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black to white hair transformation

Fauzia’s Black to White Hair Transition

In society, grey hair has always been associated with ageing and negativity. Specifically, women are being emphasised on hiding their grey hair as society finds it undesirable or unattractive. However, there are women who have embraced their natural grey hair challenging societal norms and redefining beauty standards sending a powerful message that ageing should be

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roma's gray hair transition

Roma’s Ashy Silver Hair

My story began back in January 2020. I was looking for inspiration – young and grey – on Instagram. After seeing the before and afters of the confident, radiant young women, I quickly understood that if I went grey, my whole appearance would not change. Only one thing would change –  the colour of my

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Gray Hair Transition Story

MaryAnn’s Gray Hair Transition

Meet MaryAnn, A philanthropist and a writer who claims going gray to be the best thing she ever did. Her hair has grown thicker than ever and is healthier than before. Read her inspiring story as she narrates: A story of change—a story of becoming. I have learned how to surf waves rather than get

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