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Grey Hair Friendly Shampoos

I enjoyed working on this article as it gave me an insight into various grey hair shampoos available in the market. Picking the best ones out of hundreds was so overwhelming but worth it. My previous post thoroughly researched the chemicals that can harm grey hair (if used regularly). I have picked the best shampoos based on the ingredients, the reviews and the recommendations from my fellow silver sisters. I tried to choose the composition best suitable for Natural Silver Hair.

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Christina Moss shampoo
Image courtesy Amazon
Pantene Silver Expressions, Purple Shampoo and Hair Toner
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Lately, I have done a review of Kerotin Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. To know more about this combo, please visit this post. 

Image courtesy Amazon
Purple Shampoo by The BTW Co.
Image courtesy Amazon

Unscented Version of Purple Shampoo by The BTW Co. is also available here

bold unique purple shampoo
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Amika bust your brass Cool Blonde Shampoo
Image courtesy Amazon
GoodBye Yellow Ph 4.5 Neutralizing Wash Shampoo
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Not Your Mother's Blonde Moment Treatment Shampoo
Image courtesy Amazon
DPHUE Cool Blonde Shampoo
Image courtesy Amazon
Fanola No Yellow Vegan Shampoo
Image courtesy Amazon
Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo
Image courtesy Amazon
Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo
Image courtesy Amazon
Aveda: Blue Malva Color Shampoo
Image courtesy Amazon
Jhirmack Silver Brightening Ageless Shampoo
Image courtesy Amazon

Though the products mentioned above are highly rated, some of the products contain SLS, Silicones, Parabens, Artificial colours and Fragrances.

All of these chemicals tend to coat hair, which gives the hair lustre and shine.

These chemicals must be removed from hair occasionally to ensure the silvers’ overall health.

Also, deep conditioning or using hair masks once a week will help cope with the dryness.

Try one of these shampoos for a few weeks to see the full results.

Some of the silver sisters on Instagram share their experiences with the shampoos they use! I thank them all for sharing their thoughts.

If you don’t find the product suitable for your hair, move on to another until you find the right one. 

Best gray grey silver hair shampoo purple shampoo

 I have been a huge fan of Aveda for many years. It’s clean, good quality, and smells divine! So, I started using the Aveda Blue Malva. It’s a subtle toning shampoo that works great!

Amanda @flawsome_momma

Best gray grey silver hair shampoo purple shampoo

The shampoo that I use  is Clairol color shimmer lights, I use it twice or three times  a week.  I let it stay for couple minutes and rinse it off, and following with a good conditioner. So far using it that way I use it works really well.

-Noris @canicienta_​

Best gray grey silver hair shampoo purple shampoo

I just use the Clairol Shimmering Lights, and it seems to brighten my hair when its looking dull or fades or a little yellowish from using my flat iron. It gives me a shiny silver 🙂

-Jineen @jineenmariesilvery

Best gray grey silver hair shampoo purple shampoo

The purple shampoo I use is the Not Your Mother’s Blonde Moment Shampoo. I only use it once or twice a month. I’ve never had it turn my hair outright purple but it definately brightens my silvers! And as someone who is sensitive to smells, the fragrance  is not overpowering.

-Amanda @greysfulcurls

If you find this post helpful, do me a favour and please share it!!  Also, I would love to know about your favourite shampoo. How have been your experience so far? 

13 thoughts on “Grey Hair Friendly Shampoos”

  1. Hi Anjana!
    Great job on all the interesting and informative articles here. In fact, the headline of this particular one caught my attention fastest!

    This feature, however, predominantly features shampoos not easily available here, in India currently. Thanks to lockdown, Amazon isn’t delivering these either.

    Was wondering if you could please curate a list on pro silver Shampoos and Conditioners that are easily available in India? That would be very helpful.

    Thanks so much:)!!

    P.s: Also, where do I share my Transition to Silvers story to be featured here?

  2. What kind of shampoo and conditioner for all over gray? Also, I take a lot of meds. My hair is call medince hair. I live in central Illinois, USA

  3. Tinted shampoos tend to be very drying and can also deposit too much pigment. Plus I always have to use a conditioner anyway so why not a tinted one? I’m almost 100% white now (kinda skipped the gray phase) and thought I’d share my top tinted conditioners: purple/violet; blue and silver. The Redken Graydiant “system” (shampoo is violet, conditioner is blue/gray) gets the top spot since the shampoo cancels
    yellow and the conditioner gives my hair amazing brightness and shine (the only tinted shampoo I use btw); Joico Color Balance Blue conditioner; Loma violet conditioner; No Fade Fresh Platinum conditioner (which is silver and at CVS); Celeb Luxury Flawless Diamond Bonding conditioner (silver); Oribe Brightening Blond (violet) and Silverati conditioners (silver-ish). If you don’t know about the incredible Oribe Silverati Pomade, now ya do!! The BEST finishing product for gray, silver and white hair PERIOD. Pricey but fantabulous.

  4. Becky Ziemkiewicz

    I think I am allergic to something in the purple shampoos and conditioners. I stopped the shampoo. But the conditioner alone still makes my head EXTREMELY itchy. Any advice? My hair is a natural silver/gray.Thank you.

  5. Oribe has silicones. 🙁 But no sulfates, so how do you get rid of the build up? I wanted to try a “good” and cg approved silver hair shampoo and conditioner. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. I’ve been trying to find if Durcos menthol shampoo turns your white hair yellow.
    I was hoping you would be able to help me.

    1. Hi Lucilla,
      I saw the ingredients list of this product. There is a Ci 19140 / Yellow 5, which is a colourant and is yellow. Though it is a water-soluble organic compound, I still won’t recommend this product as it may tinge white hair yellow. The chances of turning hair yellow will be more if your hair is more porous or damaged. Look in for non-pigmented shampoos.

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