If you are in your 30’s or 20’s or in earlier teenage phase, the day first grey peeks through on your head , the shock prevails and the first question that bothers you is, ” Why me?”

Age 30 is regarded as the initial age for greying of hair, going grey prior to this age is assumed as “Premature Greying”.

Now what I think regarding grey hair is that there is no age specification of getting greys as we have several examples of children around the world going grey in their childhood due to various causes comprising of heredity, dandruff, genetics, vitamin deficiencies, diseases and many what ever age you are there is a chance of greying.

Grey hair is an inevitable part of aging.. In earlier stages it can be slowed down or controlled by medication after knowing possible reasons but unfortunately its an irreversible process. With aging the follicles make less melanin causing grey hair.

Thought prevails that dark haired people turn grey earlier but its just greys are more noticeable with dark hair. Being fair- haired or blonde easily blends white or grey hair with natural skin colour. There are so many popular  gray hair myths that we must know as an awareness. So that we may know the possible reasons of hair going gray and may look in for the treatment or embrace it with confidence.

So talking about embracing the gray hair. Its getting easier and easier. So many women around the world joined together the ‘Grevolution’. Encouragement and inspiration is flowing through various social media platforms. Its easy to get a supportive environment on these various platforms. 

As this blog is all about knowledge and encouragement through out this journey of self acceptance, there are Gray Hair Transition stories to inspire you. Taking you to the real life experiences of this journey. Also Gray Hair Care knowledge with tips and recommendations from our silver sisters.

If you are in a delima and have a misconception that gray hair will make you ‘look old’, have a look at these gorgeous ladies of all ages flaunting their natural silver crowns. Sharing their short transition stories, before and after pictures and real life experiences of this journey.

The most challenging part of this journey can be the gray hair roots that keep on widening as they grow. It results in a separation line between the gray hair and the coloured hair also known as the skunk or the demarcation line. A few initial months seems long as it seems that our hair has stopped or slowed down growing. Specially during cold turkey grow out process. Some days can be difficult to accept our hair. To be stay strong with patience and let the day end is the key. During such weak days use Root Touch ups and be ready for the world. If the skunk line seems to be unbearable opt for a Pixie as its trending in the community as the quickest and easiest way of transition.

Or try blending the skunk line at home if your hair is in a very good condition to bare further chemicals. Other than this there are so many temporary ways to deal with the low point days like hats, scarfs, bandannas headbands, wigs etc. My favorite has always been a bright red or pink lipstick.

Since going gray I have completely banished the use of harsh and harmful chemicals on my virgin hair and switched to gray hair friendly shampoos and products. My hair is happier and healthier after switching to moisturizing products keeping away frizz from my hair.

Gray hair doesn’t makes you look old. Its a natural process as we age we start fading our skin colour as well as melanin from our hair. Embracing our age make us look ‘The Real Us’. There are so many important things in life than just stucking into our hair, feeling the guilt of ‘why me?’. Live your life to the fullest. Explore and enjoy little things in life. And don’t forget ‘Gray is just a new colour’. Embrace it or colour it up, do whatever makes you happy.

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