Best colours to wear with grey hair

What Colours to Wear After Going Grey?

Whether going grey or gone grey, you must be overwhelmed by the idea of a wardrobe transformation to suit your new hair colour.

But believe me, it is not so. Hair colour is not the only thing to consider when choosing the colour of clothing. Colour seasons work on the basis of various factors like skin undertone, skin overtone, eye colour, lip colour, hair, etc.

Changing the colour of your hair might require a slight variation in colours, shades and tones, and you don’t need a drastic change in your wardrobe.

Doing colour analysis with the instructions given in the book ‘Colour Me Beautiful’, I came to know that I have a warm undertone and my season is autumn. And my grey hair has a natural warmth.  So my colour pallet remains the same.

When I look back at the pictures on my Instagram account, it got only obvious that I always loved the mustard colour on me. It made me look good and feel confident. After the colour analysis, I realized it is a colour for someone with a warm skin undertone.

Mustard colour with warm undertone grey haired woman
It’s definitely my colour; it makes my skin glow and my eyes shine!
A young grey haired woman in a mustard top
Mustard colour never goes wrong for me!

I also found a few colours that make my skin glow and eyes pop. Here are a few more pictures with the colours from my pallet. (With no idea of the colour analysis and colour seasons!)

A woman with warm undertone, short grey hair in a peony coloured top
Peony colour! See how beautifully it blends with my natural skin tone and hair.
Grey hair with dark undertone and khaki dress
Khaki: This is definitely my colour! It complements my skin tone beautifully and blends in with the warmth of my hair.
A woman with warm undertone and gray hair in a mushroom coloured dress
Mushroom color! I never knew it was my colour. How beautifully it brings out the natural colour and shine of my hair.
A woman with short grey hair, warm undertones wearing a olive green dress
Dark olive green! This colour brings out the warmth of my skin tone so beautifully.

But at the same time, I like a few colours that are not in my palette. I love to wear them like grey and blue and don’t want to give up on them.

A woman with short grey hair wearing a grey tshirt
According to colour analysis, grey is not my colour. But I love wearing greys.
A woman with short gray pixie, wearing a blue sweater
Cobalt blue is not a colour from my palette. Maybe a steel blue might look great.

I have been going through all these colour analysis with grey hair for the last few months and realized everyone should know their basic colours (like warm or cool) and the season they are in (like spring or winter) to get an idea of what colours suit you.

There are several colour analysis quizzes online. I like this one.

And also, most importantly, what shade/undertone of your grey hair do you have? Here are a few shades of natural grey hair with their tones for an idea.

Gray hair with cool undertones
Gray hair with warm undertone

When you know your shade of grey hair, it becomes easy to determine what colours complement your colour palette.

Most grey shades are like cool winter days, but some have surprising secret personalities! Pewter, for example, hides a sneaky bit of green, like moss on a rocky cliff. So, when you pick clothes and makeup, keep these ‘grey whispers’ in mind.

Now, think about the colours that have always flattered your skin, whether it’s warm or cool. Then, play a little trick: if they’re too bright, soften them down a touch. If they’re a bit bland, give them a gentle boost.

Instead of getting bogged down by specific rules, try these tips:

  1. Play with colours you already love: See how they interact with your grey hair in different lighting. Do they make your eyes sparkle or your skin glow?
  2. Borrow from nature: Look at the colours that naturally complement grey hair, like rich plums, deep emeralds, and soft lavenders.
  3. Seek inspiration: Browse fashion magazines, Pinterest boards, or street style for ideas on how others rock grey hair with different colours.
  4. Embrace experimentation: Don’t be afraid to try something new! Sometimes, the unexpected pairings can be the most flattering.

So go forth and explore, experiment, and discover what makes you feel like the radiant masterpiece you are! But going deeper into this subject will only confuse you and will require professional help for precise suggestions.

Empowering Silver Sisters: Finding Your Colours with Confidence

In the quest to choose the right colours when your hair goes grey, I hosted several colour challenges on Instagram, where thousands of ‘silver sisters’ participated and discovered their most flattering shades.

Through these challenges, you’ll see how women with different skin tones can rock similar colours beautifully.

Get inspired by these gorgeous women embracing a rainbow of colours (Click on the hashtag to view more pictures):










You do you. Step out of your comfort and experiment with new colours. Wear what you love and create your unique style because life is too short, my friend, to overthink.

And if you ever need extra guidance, don’t hesitate to seek professional help from a stylist or a colour analyst. They can provide personalized advice and help you confidently navigate the world of colour.

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