Greying is a beautiful part of life, of ageing. And everyone is going to face it; you can’t escape! The reasons and occurrence time may vary from person to person.

The boss, Melanin!

We get natural hair colour by a pigment called “Melanin”, which is produced by hair follicles, a structure in the skin that makes hair and is responsible for hair growth. Generally, ageing reduces the production of melanin, causing grey hair. This whole reduction process normally starts from the age of 30, resulting in your natural hair colour turning grey and gradually white in further years.


Your genes already get wired before your birth deciding your age of greying. So if you see silver strands at a young age (before 30), premature greying runs in your family, and you can’t help it. So take a note of the hair trend in your family, and you will probably guess your age of greying!


Research has proved that Caucasians are prone to grey hair in their early 30s, Asians are in their late 40s, and Africans and Europeans are from 40.


If you are prone to get stressed, you definitely show signs of premature greying compared to others your age. Damn! Stress is so “stressful”. So just live, love and laugh!


Smoking! Yes, smoking increases the chances of premature greying. This is because cigarettes contain carcinogens which are cancer-causing elements and also affect hair follicles.

Hydrogen Peroxide

We all know Hydrogen Peroxide is used for bleaching hair. However, it is present in a substantial portion in the hair cells too. As we age, it builds up in the hair cells due to less production of catalase enzymes which is responsible for maintaining hydrogen peroxide levels in hair cells resulting in greying of hair.


A good nutritional diet is essential for a healthy life. The deficiency of vitamin B12 and biotin can provoke greying of hair.

Health issues

Major illness or health issues for an extended period of time can be a major cause. For example, people who suffer from thyroid, diabetes, pernicious anaemia, hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, genetic disorders, chemotherapy and radiation are all factors.


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