Grey hair before and after makeup pictures

Grey Hair Before And After Makeup Pictures

Thousands of women embark on the journey to embrace their natural grey hair but give up because they fear looking old and washed out. Silver hair transition is a process that takes time.

The journey is an amazing one, during which you discover inner strengths and hidden potential to survive the adverse and build unimaginable confidence and self-respect.

There will be days with ups and downs. Facing and surviving those days makes you stronger internally.

In this post, we will explore how makeup can be a powerful tool during and after the grey hair transition to ease this incredible journey.


Grey hair is colourless. When it frames your face, it can drag you down and make you look pale and lifeless. You have got to add the colour back, and makeup is a key way to do that.

By makeup, I don’t mean wearing heavy makeup but things that make you feel beautiful and really look good when you look at yourself in the mirror. Just go simple; pop your lips with a pretty pink, red or coral or try your eyeliner differently.


You will have moments when you will doubt yourself and may feel insecure with your grey hair. Makeup can be your secret weapon during such days!

Take a moment to put on some makeup that makes you feel good, whether it’s a bold lip colour or just a touch of mascara. Then, you catch a glimpse in the mirror and… bam! An instant confidence boost!

Makeup can shift your focus from your hair to your strengths ✨ Maybe you love your killer cheekbones, the way your eyes sparkle, or your radiant smile. When you highlight those features, it shifts the focus from grey hair to your facial features. Plus, the positive vibes you radiate will attract others, too!


Rock your naturally grey hair and elevate your makeup game. Here’s the secret: Embrace the natural beauty you already have! Forget harsh colours and trends – let’s focus on soft, natural tones that complement your silver locks and create an elegant, sophisticated look.


Skincare is a must, and it has been suggested in innumerable articles. So I will not go deep into it, but I will talk about two misconceptions.

First, As you age, your skin becomes drier and will need to be moisturised. But not everyone needs a moisturizer. Women with oily skin or skin that breaks out should avoid heavy moisturizers. Over-moisturizing can cause their skin to sag.

Second, if you have clear, spotless skin that does not need smoothing, there is no need to wear a foundation. Instead, protect your skin with a good SPF cream, keep it clean, seal it with a toner, and moisturize it if required.


Opt for a sheer, thinner foundation formula for seamless coverage that feels like nothing but your own skin. These foundations are formulated with lighter pigments, offering buildable coverage without the mask-like effect.

Sheer foundations often have a dewy finish, adding a youthful vibrancy to your complexion and complementing the natural shine of your silver hair.

Think of it as a tinted moisturizer. It is perfect for an evening out skin tone, hiding minor imperfections, and adding a healthy glow.


Opt for a subtle brown eyeshadow instead of harsh black. Brown tones offer a more natural look and complement your fair features beautifully. Think taupe, warm brown, or even a shade slightly cooler than your hair colour.

Look for a brow pencil that closely matches your eyebrows (not your hair!). Use the pencil to subtly define the shape of your brows, focusing on the arch and outer tail for a lifted and balanced look.


Switch to cream eyeshadows. Unlike powder formulas that highlight wrinkles, cream eyeshadow glides smoothly, filling lines for a flawless finish. Plus, its hydrating properties keep your skin looking plump and youthful.

Opt for soft grey eyeshadow palettes and pair them with navy (Fair skin), dark chocolate (medium skin tone), or any brown eyeliner but not a black liner because it can be too harsh and can create a stark contrast against silver hair, potentially looking severe. The black liner looks great on women with dark skin tones and grey hair.

Matte shades add definition, while shimmery ones add a touch of glamour. Play around and see what makes you feel most confident.

Feel free to explore beyond brown! Pink, purple, plum, wine or charcoal grey can create stunning looks depending on your eye colour and complexion.

Do apply false lashes, and get the really small ones if you want. So, if you want your lashline to look darker and thicker but not have that heavy black eyeliner, you can do some trio lashes.

All you have to do is dip them in the glue and drop them into the lash line, and they will make your eyes look more awake. They will give you the fullness of the lashes and bring darkness without making you look heavy or tired.

Finish your look with a touch of mascara in brown or black.

Have a look at this short video of Luisa showing her everyday makeup:


Lip colour should be chosen based on your skin tone, not your hair. While skin tone plays a role, lip colour is all about personal expression, not limitations. Remember, anyone can wear any colour they love.

Fushia, coral red, and red are the colours that can never go wrong with any dress.

For fairer skin, explore soft pinks, peaches, and nudes for a natural glow. Deeper skin tones can rock vibrant corals, berries, and even plums with confidence.

Neutral eyes and bring colours to your lips. Try red! It’s one of the favourites of the Silver sisters and looks amazing with grey hair on any skin tone.

Look at these gorgeous beauties from Instagram flaunting red lips:


Even if you’re a minimalist makeup enthusiast, skipping blush can leave you looking a bit washed out. I never skip a blush after going grey. Sometimes, I keep my look minimal to just kohl, blush, and lip gloss, giving minimal makeup and maximum impact.

Peach and pink shades are universally flattering blush colours that suit all skin tones and add a warm, natural-looking glow, perfect for day or night.

Experiment to find your ideal shade based on your skin tone and preferences. Lighter tones offer a soft lift, while deeper hues add a touch of drama.

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Grey Hair Makeup Before and After Pictures:

I am sharing a few grey hair and makeup before and after pictures of some silver sisters showcasing the power of makeup with grey hair. I thank them for coming forward and contributing their inspiring pictures with us. Do follow them on Instagram for a daily dose of inspiration.


Do you see how makeup instantly enhances the features and gives a vibrant look to grey hair?

Last but not least, confidence and self-acceptance are the major keys to pulling this journey of silver hair transition.

Bring that beauty and guts from within. Do whatever makes you feel good and content. Drink more water, eat healthy, work out, and try to accomplish everything on your mind this year.

Let me know what topics you want me to cover to make your salt and pepper transition journey fun and comfortable.

I would be happy to help!

Here’s a video from Nikol showing classic makeup with lots of tips to consider!

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