Long grey hairstyles for all face shapes

Long Grey Hairstyles for All Face Shapes

Transitioning to grey hair can be incredibly challenging. It’s a big change, both visually and emotionally, and it’s completely normal to experience various difficulties along the way.

It can involve dealing with visible roots and the awkward in-between stages, a change of hair texture, and dryness. Feeling “old” or less attractive can be frustrating and lead to a feeling of looking unkempt.

But you know something: these challenges are temporary and can be overcome. There are many ways to help you navigate the transition smoothly and confidently.

In my last post, I discussed how makeup can be a game-changer during and after the grey hair transition. I insist you go through it once.

In this post, I will discuss choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape to help emphasize the natural beauty of your grey hair by adding volume, highlighting shine, or playing with different textures, eventually making your silver hair transition journey easy and confident.

So first, let’s know the different face shapes and the hairstyles that flatter them.

  • Oval: This is considered the most versatile shape, as it’s balanced, with no one feature being overly prominent. They can rock almost any hairstyle, from long layers to pixie cuts.
  • Round: This shape has a similar width and length, with soft jawlines and full cheeks. Consider adding height and volume on top with styles like long waves, side-swept bangs, or angled bobs to elongate the face.
  • Square: This shape has a strong jawline and similar width across the forehead and cheekbones. Soften the angles with side-swept bangs, long layers, or textured bobs. Avoid blunt cuts and styles that add width to the jaw.
  • Heart: This shape has a wider forehead and tapers to a narrow chin. Balance the proportions with styles that add volume to the chin, like chin-length bobs, long layers with waves, or side-swept bangs. Avoid styles that add volume to the forehead.
  • Diamond: This shape has high cheekbones, a narrow forehead and a chin. Aim for styles that widen the forehead and soften the cheekbones, like curtain bangs, side parts, or medium-length hairstyles with volume on the sides.
  • Long: This shape is similar to an oval but with a longer length. Balance the length with styles that add width, like side-swept bangs, textured bobs, or chin-length layers with volume.

I found this video interesting on how to determine your face shape and also find the right hairstyle for your face. Hope it helps:

Sharing with you a few inspirational long hairstyles of these amazing women on Instagram. Follow them for a daily dose of inspiration during your grey hair growout phase.

Gray hair wolf cut
side sweep gray hair
long curly gray hairstyle
long wavy gray hair
Long gray hair with bangs
Long grey hairstyle side parted
long salt and pepper hair
curly long gray hairstyle
long layered gray hairstyle
Young woman with long gray hair
long grey hairstyles
gray long bob hairstyle
Long gray hair with a streak
Mid length gray hairstyle
Gray hair shag hairstyle
Salt and pepper long hair
Long grey hair center parted
@marcia.a.olive (Pic.  @pierromathiabophotography)
layered long gray hair over 50
Mid transition grey hair
long gray hair natural
long gray curly hair
Layered long gray hair
Beautiful long gray hairstyle
@marcia.a.olive (Pic. @matthewbennettphotos )
Wavy long gray hair
long gray hair over 50
Long thin grey hairstyle
Long bob gray hairstyle with layers
Long grey hair with steps
Long grey hair over 60

Ultimately, it’s all about what feels good to you! Whether you prefer a simple, low-maintenance style or a more elaborate cut and colour, the choice is yours. Just like any hairstyle, the way your grey hair is styled can balance and flatter your face shape.

Grey hair might have different textures and needs than dyed hair, requiring adjustments to your hair care routine. If you wish to know some great grey hair care tips, I suggest you to visit this page: 13 Grey Hair Care Tips

And this article gives you the best product recommendations for the overall care of your natural gray hair: Tried and Tested Grey Haircare Products

Also, there are countless flattering hairstyles for grey hair of all textures and lengths. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Here are a few inspirational pictures. Certain hairstyles, like avoiding tight braids or harsh heat styling, can help maintain the health and texture of your hair.

Grey hair can be more prone to dryness and breakage. Know what mistakes to keep frizz away in grey hair: 5 Mistakes That Can Worsen Your Grey Hair Frizz

I hope you find this post helpful. Let me know in the comment box if I miss something. Also, feel free to share your hair discoveries in the comments.

Start a conversation; maybe you can help somebody out. We are all on this hair journey together. We can do it!

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