Research and studies in the last few years have revealed the truth behind the myths regarding greying of hair. So, I tried to put them together on one page.

Myth~1: Grey hair is coarser.

No! Hair gets finer as we age! So unless it is premature greying, grey hair is usually not coarser. However, grey hair may be drier as the oil flow in the roots reduces as we age; this can give an illusion of hair being coarser.

Myth~2: Plucking increases grey hair.

NO…if it were true, it would be an excellent way to make your hair thicker. This action merely damages the hair follicles, it will take longer to regenerate the hair, and by the time it does, another grey hair begins to grow near it. When the pulled hair regrows, you have two grey hairs.

Myth~3: Bleaching causes greying of hair.

No…Bleaching is very common nowadays. There is no evidence that it is a cause of greying or whitening of hair, but it certainly damages hair growth and health because of the oxidation process.

Myth~4: Hair turns white overnight.

No…It is impossible! Stress can probably contribute to gradually turning hair grey, but certainly not overnight!

Myth~5: Sun exposure greys hair.

No…There is no scientific discovery found that excessive sun exposure causes hair greying. Still, grey hair is more susceptible to sun damage due to less melanin, which can be avoided using hats, head wraps or scarves. The use of hair products with SPF can save the damage.

Myth~6: Excessive dyeing turns hair grey.

No…It hasn’t been scientifically proven. But regular use of hair colour causes hair to become dry, brittle and lifeless. Also, when you begin to colour your hair, it creates a larger contrast between colored hair and grey hair, making it appear as if they turn grey quickly!

Myth~7: Daily hair wash prevents grey hair.

No…This is merely another superstitious belief as no scientific approaches are found for the same. Washing just makes our hair germ free and removes excessive oil from the scalp preventing itchy scalp, dandruff and other scalp and hair problems.

Myth~8: Hair greying is reversible.

No…not in every case. There might be some ways to reverse hair greying, but these do not have any actual benefits at all. If the problem is genetic or age-related, it is unlikely to reverse the process. Notably, deficiency of vitamin C, and vitamin B12, thyroid diseases, and bad habits like smoking will ensure greying of hair.

Myth~9: Menopause causes grey hair.

No…It’s more of ageing and not menopause; it is also a wrong approach. Ageing reduces the proper production of catalase, so going grey is normal in the old age.

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