if you are in your 30’s or 20’s or in earlier teenage phase, the day first grey peeks through on your head , the shock prevails and the first question that bothers you is, ” Why me?”

Age 30 is regarded as the initial age for greying of hair, going grey prior to this age is assumed as “Premature Greying”.

Now what I think regarding grey hair is that there is no age specifcation of getting greys as we have several examples of children around the world going grey in their childhood due to various causes comprising of heredity, dandruff, genetics, vitamin deficiencies, diseases and many what ever age you are there is a chance of greying.

Grey hair is an inevitable part of aging.. In earlier days it can be slowed down or controlled by medication after knowing possible reasons but unfortunately its an irreversable process. With aging the follicles make less melanin causing grey hair.

Thought prevails that dark haired people turn grey earlier but its just greys are more noticable with dark hair. Being fair- haired or blonde easily blends white or greyhair with natural skin colour.