11 Grey Pixie Accounts on Instagram

If you consider a pixie cut as your way of going grey, look no further than these pixie girls for inspiration on Instagram.
Pixie will be a major trend embracing natural silvers this year as of being totally chic. It is convenient and appropriate for any hair type.

@deborah_darling Deborah Chambers is a mature model. She is on a mission to inspire women of all ages to live a full, active, stylish life.

@silver.pixie Follow Natalie Voorhies for Fashion inspiration and outfits. Her goal is to help you look and feel your best every day.

@thin_latin_moose Alison’s sharp features and a great sense of humour immediately attract our attention. She is a UK-based silver hair model.

silver pixie girl

@saltandpepperpixie Marci transitioned to gray hair in 2013. She has been a pixie girl since and an inspiration for many. She also loves photography.

Marci's short pixie hairstyle

@silver.pumpkin Daria shares her silver hair transition journey and supports silver sisters with her inspiring posts on Instagram. Jackie is a real inspiration on Instagram. She possesses the most beautiful eyes and astonishing long lashes, and her makeup videos are worth watching.

@the_real_fancynancy From dark curly hair to sassy silver pixie, Nancy’s hair journey is so inspiring!

@greysfulcurls Pixie with Curls, Amanda considers her gray hair a “Crown of Splendor”.

@sparklingsilvers, and it’s me. Going grey gave me a new path of self-discovery and a new career as a Grey hair Blogger. Follow me for helpful, inspirational posts for your silver hair journey.

@naturally_graysful Nina is a real treasure for the silver community. She is a true motivation for silver sisters, moms and chronic warriors. You may read her transition story here.

@thosegraydays Karen is a grey hair advocate curly girl. She is a co-founder of #silversistersinternational

@janellenelson Janelle holds a strong visual and media presence as a model, mentor and actor. In addition, she is very down-to-earth and friendly.

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Pixie hair cuts always seem to be in style. If you are bothered by the skunk line and don’t wish to go on with the two-toned hair, it is one of the fastest ways to embrace your natural grey hair and is trending in the grey hair community. At any point in time, if you feel like pixie is not your cut, remember it’s just hair. It will grow back.
Let me know in the comments if you are following any of the above accounts or your favourite pixie girl you follow on Instagram.

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