Last Dyed Strand

To, The Last Dyed Strands…

Dear Dyed Hair,

I pretty much like the confidence you gave me covering my silvers, BUT my silvers gave me the ‘REAL’ one.

You gave me an illusion of looking young, BUT silvers changed nothing. I am still ‘YOUNG’.

You gave me attention and acceptance from others, BUT my silvers taught me ‘SELF-LOVE’ and ‘SELF-ACCEPTANCE’.

No doubt You made me feel beautiful with different colours, BUT my silvers made me realise that ‘TRUE BEAUTY’ comes from ‘WITHIN’ and not by the colour of my hair.

The struggle to keep you ‘up-to-date’ emptied my pocket. ‘THANKS’ to my silvers, the time and money I saved, I spent on my daughter, and that filled my 💓

Thank you for being with me in the years when I thought I must look my age, BUT now I just want to look ‘ME’.

I had a good time with you but ‘BEST WITH MY SILVERS’.
Thank you!!!

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