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Nina’s Sparkling Silvers Story!

Nina is a constant source of encouragement in the silver sisters community on Instagram. She keeps on inspiring and motivating others with her uplifting posts. Her Instagram handle is @naturally_graysful. She is a YouTuber with her channel- Naturally Graysful, and a Blogger- Naturally Graysful       

Nina's Gray Hair Transition story as she narrates:

 It’s ironic that the thing I feared the most turned out to be the most striking feature I have come to love

My name is Nina, and I am from New Jersey, USA. I am happily married to an amazing man and mom to a precious 4-year-old.

I don’t remember the exact age I saw my grey hair come in. I know that because of genetics, premature graying runs in my family. My dad was gray in his early 30s. I grayed in my late 20 s the early 30s. I dyed my hair with semi-permanent colour for almost a decade.

Nina's gray hair transition story african American
Nina with dyed hair.

Having my son was the catalyst for me going gray. I did not have the time and energy to be a slave to my roots every two weeks. My mom had gone through the gray hair transition, or “skunk” grow out, as I called it. I did not like the transition, but once her gray crown fully came in, it was STUNNING! 

Mildred Naturalsilversista and Samantha Pollock were other inspirations for me to go gray. I also am fortunate to have a supportive husband and sister, who were my cheerleaders!

I decided that I wanted to cut my hair so that the contrast of growing out my hair was less painful. I had already done a “big chop” to embrace my natural hair in 2011. 

Nina's natural gray silver grey hair growing out story African american
September 2017
african american Nina's curly gray grey silver hair transition story
November 2017

I did get comments, especially that I was too young to have so much gray. I find that self-compassion is a fantastic tool on the gray hair journey. I learned to accept that some comments sting and that I have insecure moments. 

African american Nina's curly gray grey silver hair
Nina's sparkling silvers in July 2018
Nina african american embracing natural gray hair
Fully transitioned hair in August 2018

I also learned how to have an emotional boundary and ensure that I was not allowing others’ opinions to be my truth. 

I love using kaolin clay, purple shampoo and conditioners to brighten my white and gray. I also use styling products with no colour to help avoid yellowing my hair. I am still testing what works for my hair. 

Nina african american gray grey silverhair
Growing out a pixie, October 2018
african american gray hair pixie girl
July 2019

After going grey, I felt even more comfortable in my skin, wearing a red lip and Lots of Color. I find that I wear less jewellery because it’s like my hair is its own piece. 

Nina african american gray silver grey hair going story
"Red Lips", Nina in May 2018

My major support was my hubby and sister and the amazing silver sisters community on Instagram.

I have never felt so comfortable in my skin as I do now. I challenged the belief that I would look old going gray. I also proved to myself that beauty is not defined by the colour of my hair.

I see that when you see more of those who look like you, you feel you belong.

Nina african american gray hair short curly hair girl

Nina's words of wisdom:

I am so happy to see the many women breaking the stereotypes, especially that women only gray when they are older.

I love that we are showing gray can be beautiful.

I would say to women that no one escapes the gray hair process. When you embrace your gray, you may be pleasantly surprised and how much you gain rather than lose.

sparklingsilvers gray grey silver hair quote african american gray hair

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sparklingsilvers african american gray grey silver hair woman

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  1. Her hair looks beautiful. I can always find grey hair beautiful on other women but I just can’t see it for myself. I’ve been doing henna because my hair can no longer tolerate relaxers and I don’t want to do the chemical coloring anymore. Hopefully one day I can truly embrace being grey/silver haired fox 🙂

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