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Annie’s SparklingSilvers Story

From natural Dark Brunette to Golden Blonde, Annie coloured her hair for about 43 years and gave up dying 11 months ago. Annie holds an Instagram handle @annie_and_molly_m. Annie chose a path of bleached highlights for her hair transformation. 

Annie’s SparklingSilvers Story as She narrates:

I’m Annie. I’m 57, married, and live in Scotland.

I first noticed silver in amongst my dark brunette hair when I was still in my teens, and I remember being absolutely horrified!

Premature greying is a genetic thing in my family, and by the time I was in my late 20s, I was dyeing it lighter and lighter to try to blend with the grey.

I continued dyeing my hair in every shade of blonde under the sun for the next 30 years, warm golden and strawberry tones being my preference.

annie's silver hair transition story
Blonde Dyed Hair

By the time I reached my 40s, it needed retouching every three weeks, and the silvers were visible after ten days. I was spending half of my life with bright white roots!

I assumed that I’d be dyeing it forever more, and if anyone had told me five years ago that I’d grow the silver while still in my 50s, I would not have believed them.

A few years ago, while browsing on Pinterest, I noticed some lovely inspirational images of silver-haired women. Cindy Joseph was the first, then Yazemeenah, Simone Jacob and Annika Von Holdt, queen of cool.

I thought these women looked gorgeous and different and stood out from the crowd. And I loved that they challenged society’s perceptions of what grey-haired women ‘should’ look like.

Until then, I’d seen no positive role models of how I’d want to look with long (preferably) silver hair, and I just thought, ‘Wow! How fabulous!’ 

I guess the seed was planted, and I started to consider that I might stop dyeing when I got to a ‘certain age’…my 60’s probably!

This must have all been working on my subconscious. I honestly had no idea when I dyed my hair last March that it would be my last. But somewhere along the line, I felt that, although I loved my dyed golden blonde colour, something compelled me to let my silver grow in.

It became an instinctive thing, something I felt I needed to do. I’d also started to suspect that the colour I was hiding was rather lovely. So I decided when the next time dye came round that I didn’t want to do it again.

3 months grey hair annie's natural gray hair
3 months growout..
5 months gray hair growing out
5 months growout.

My hair was quite long. I didn’t want to cut it and also didn’t feel I was brave enough to go the cold turkey route for the two years plus it would take to grow out.

So my hairdresser, who is also my friend, and has been very supportive, gave me two rounds of bleached highlights to a very light white blonde.

She also advised me to regularly use a toning mask on my hair to cut out any yellow tones.

This route is not for everyone. It depends on the colour of your dyed hair to start and the colour of your natural hair growing in, but it has worked for me and made the transition relatively easy.

I already look fully transitioned in certain lights, but I’m only about halfway there if I want to hang on to the length. 6 months gray hair growing out
6 months hair growth 7 months natural silver hair gray hair growing out
7 months growth.

Apart from the actual transition, my main concerns were that it would age me and that I wouldn’t suit the cool tones of the silver. I’d had ash-toned highlights in the past that had made me look awful, and I was convinced that warm tones were what I suited.

I think I was wrong on both counts! What I once viewed as a curse, I now see as a blessing!


I’ve had no negative comments, only compliments so far, from men and women, and I love my silvers and think it flatters my complexion more.

An unexpected bonus has been that I can now wear shades of lipstick and clothing that I felt didn’t suit me before. I love that, and I’m busy experimenting.

I also love the support of the #silversisters movement on social media platforms such as FB, Instagram and Internet blogs. This has been invaluable. It’s a wonderful time to be doing this, and I know that I couldn’t have done it a few years back without all the inspiration and support. annie's going gray story

Important to me is helping to inspire other women and challenge society’s stereotypes by showing that women can still look vital, attractive, vibrant, stylish, and sexy with grey hair.

I’m seeing small changes in mainstream media here in the UK and hope that continues. I believe the more people get accustomed to seeing silver hair on women of all ages, the more ‘normal’ it will become.

And I’m proud to be part of that. I only regret that I didn’t embrace my silvers earlier and kept them hidden for so long. annie embracing natural gray silver grey hair

Annie's Hair Care Regime:

I use Maria Nila’s Colour Refresh Toning mask in Pearl Silver every couple of weeks after shampooing. Leave on for 10 mins to tone down the yellow. It is a vegan product with no harmful chemicals and also smells great. I love it.

Also, I use Olaplex 3 once a week, and every time I style my hair.

Gray Hair Transition Story
Gray Hair Transition Story

Annie's advice to anyone planning to transition to gray hair by bleaching:

  • Get a stylist who knows exactly what they are doing to do the colour blend.
  • Use Olaplex products on the bleached areas to keep them in tip-top condition.
  • Find a toning product, shampoo, conditioner etc., that works for you and that you can use at home regularly to keep the bleach from yellowing. annie's natural gray silver grey hair transition story
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5 thoughts on “Annie’s SparklingSilvers Story”

  1. Hi Annie!!! First if all, you are utterly gorgeous!! You are also the inspiration for my silver transformation. We had the same color hair and I believe we will have the same when mine is restored to its natural color. And yes, I have all of the same worries! Your hair is in beautiful condition and I have bought a few of the products that you have advised. My hair is feeling better already with the clarifying products and oils I’ve been using. I will be doing my first mask this evening. I’m wondering if you can tell me what foundation you are using. We have a similar completion but, you’re skin is just flawless. I would love some recommendations. I’m so worried about looking washed out but you certainly don’t. Thank you so much for your inspiration!!
    Wendy Satikas
    Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

    1. Hi Wendy, and thank you very much for the lovely compliments ? I wear a variety of foundations, I’m forever chopping and changing. My current faves are L’Oréal True Match, and Boots No7 Protect & Perfect. Neither are particularly expensive, but they do a good job ?

    2. Wendy, I would love to know who you used to transition to gray! I have ditched the dye since about June and I’m working with a new hairdresser and she is happy letting the gray grow and not dying further. My hair was colored dark brown for years and I am worried about the brownish- orange that comes from trying to lighten to some form of blonde. Feel free to email me [email protected]
      I live in West Bloomfield.
      Thanks, Lori

  2. Hi Annie, First of all, you are gorgeous! I love your hair color. I have been wanting to let my hair go gray for a while. I’ve started and chickened out several times. Both my father and my (younger) brother have pretty white hair. It’s not gray. I am older than you, by quite a bit I’m guessing, so I fear making myself look any older. My husband says I won’t like it and not to do it. Also, my hair is blonde and short so the transition will be quicker than with long hair. Did your stylist bleach strands and then color them silver to start the process? Like highlighting with silver. Help! Please get me over this hump of thinking I’m just going to look OLD. Thank you.

    1. Hi Mary, thank you very much for the lovely compliment ? I don’t think silver hair makes women look older if they keep other aspects of their appearance….hairstyle, makeup, fashion style, up to date. My hairdresser lightened my hair to almost white, more or less the same colour as my natural colour, and I then just used purple products regularly to keep the yellow at bay ? I wish you luck with your transition if you decide to go ahead ?

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