Sarah’s Sparkling Silvers Story

Sarah spotted her first silver strand at the age of 21. She documented her going grey journey on Instagram by the name @silva_sista_sazza.

“Six years into an early menopause was enough of a challenge without the bi-monthly time and energy spent in the hairdresser’s chair, despite their best efforts I always left the salon feeling unhappy and low. The glint of what laid underneath the mask of dye was still visible and I began to wonder again, how much worse could my ‘real’ hair colour look? “

Sarah was not happy colouring her hair as the permanent dye made her scalp sore. She tried switching to semi-permanent dye which was unable to cover the grays.

” I went home and looked on Pinterest at grey haired women. Up popped Annika Von Holdt and ​Yazemeenah and for the first time in years,  I felt a glimmer of hope. Here were two amazingly fit and gorgeous natural classic silver haired beauties and I realised now was the time!”

“I can remember considering ditching the dye when I was around 35-40 but I was single then and at that time, believed I might stay so if I were to stop colouring! )

So, at my next visit to the hairdresser I discussed my desire to go ‘natural’ , she felt it was not the right time to stop colouring along with all of my friends and family who voiced concerns that it would ‘age’ me. But, I persisted and my hairdresser agreed to strip the dark brown hair colour I had been using for over 20 years! As you can imagine, it was not an easy task and I spent a few weeks with patchy blorange and finally had the colour lifted with a bleach bath and dyed lightest ash blonde, (which again I hated) In the weeks and months that followed my hair was frazzled and broke off.”

In 2016, while heading towards her new job in the city where Sarah would be meeting clients on a daily basis. She got her hair cut into a short bob, but work stress and hormones imbalances soon created further hair loss and the daily wash was worsening the situation.

The low point

“I decided to stop everything and wore my hair in a ponytail washing only once every four days and within six weeks I began to see an improvement in the condition. Three months into the transition my (male) manager came to the office and said loudly “So, Sarah…what’s going on with your hair?”  I blushed and felt humilated but joked defensively “I’m not letting myself go… I’m doing this on purpose!”

Looking back I suppose this was a turning point and I started to feel empowered by my decision, that’s when I decided to document the transition on Instagram.  At first I was embarrassed to post selfies but very quickly the support I received from others on the same path really spurred me on to stick with it. The silver community has been incredibly encouraging on the bad as well as the good days and I feel I’ve made real friendships through this process.”

Sarah's gray grey silver hair transition story
Sarah Before and After transition!

People's reaction now!

“I recently went to a fiftieth birthday party where there were lots of old friends I’d not seen for a few years. Some commented on how well I looked, others mentioned I looked younger, but I’m not concerned with that.

I am just happy that my reflection finally mirrors how I feel inside, it’s like I’ve returned to myself and it’s a nice feeling.”

Sarah's Hair Care Routine:

I currently use OGX coconut water shampoo as it is super lightweight, hydrating and SLS free.

I also use Oribe’s Silverati Shampoo and Conditioner as its so luxurious and a real treat for my hair.

I also use Maui Moisture Hibiscus water products as they are really hydrating. Purple shampoos I use ocassionally are Fanola’s No more Yellow and Provoke’s Touch of Silver which are great for knocking out the yellow tones but are a little drying.

Words of Wisdom from Sarah to others starting out or thinking of ditching the dye-

A Carousel of Sarah's Grey Hair Transition

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7 thoughts on “Sarah’s Sparkling Silvers Story”

  1. I too am trying to make this transition. I just had my bleached but we were only able to lift it to a level 7/8 because I didn’t want to fry my hair off. Unfortunately I can’t bleach again until it is healthy again so I’m stuck in between. She did add lowlights to help blend it but… you are right, a journey. I knew it going in but dang!! It’s so much harder than I thought!!

  2. Sarah,
    Thank you for being bold, being you and sharing the inspiration with embracing your silver transition. It seems like I am seeking and consuming as many of these stories I can to empower me through my own transition. It helps hearing from you, knowing what your experience has been and contributes to my decision making about how to cope, choices I will make and how to endure the rest of my experience with it. I was dark brown, coloring for many years (always willing to change things up and have fun with different color) since my mid 30’s, and now 57. I am 5 months in, there is so much more to go, but no turning back and owning it, keeping up with you and the other silver sisters has really been helping me alot. So…stay tuned for my own posts coming soon, so I can contribute and share, like you and the rest have. Every story is helpful.

    1. Deb, I jumped on the wagon 5 months ago, as well. I chopped my hair about 3 weeks ago, not loving this phase but embracing it with grace.
      I have been watching videos, reading articles, follow a few on IG to help me through this journey. I recently watched a video where the facilitator states “going grey is not for the weak”…no kidding.
      I have to say though working from home still has helped with this journey. As of yet I have not thought about dying it – going back is not an option for me.
      Hang in there!

  3. I transitioned to gray at age 65 and will be 70 in November. My hair was a lovely silver gray with some darker gray in back. I loved my gray hair! About 6-9 months ago, my hair started turning brown again, very faint at first, but eventually to the point someone asked if I was coloring my hair again. I’ve spoken to my PCP, my hairdresser and other professionals who have no idea why this is happening. Most people might be happy about this but I want my gray hair back. Has anyone heard of this or have any idea why this is happening?

    1. Interesting! My hair started going grey at 16. I’m 61 and I’m about 90% grey. I discovered, after my divorce, it was an incredibly stressful marriage my hair stopped progressing turning grey and some darker hairs were coming back. I’ve been stress free 6 years and my health has improved greatly so I honestly wonder if these past few years also turned back the aging clock??

  4. Hi, I’m going gray, but still have lots of brown hair. Would like to do what you done. Do you have a kit of all the things I would to get start. Thank you B?

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