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Radhika’s SparklingSilvers Story

Radhika is an educator for TESL Ontario and being a creative person she has always had a different take on grey hair. She always believed grey hair was really beautiful and it makes people glow.

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As we get older, our faces, in my observation, do not look good with dark hair framing them. Nature gives the perfect beauty as we age… lighter hair!

I was so amazed by my grandma ‘s beautiful grey hair and how graceful she looked without any makeup.  She was my inspiration to age gracefully.

I began greying at 32 and used henna to cover up the greys. As I turned 40, my greys became prominent and I had to start colouring my hair because henna’s stain did not go well with my skin tone.

Now, it felt dry, unhealthy and most of all, fake. 

radhika's gray hair transition before
When Radhika used to colour her hair.

Towards the beginning of 2019, I decided to live more in tune with my desires. Since I hated coloring my hair, I decided to just stop coloring .

I also made this  decision because I was tired of planning my life around trips to the salon and the whole process made me anxious. I didn’t like the smell of the chemicals nor the itchy scalp.

This was also the time when I was on my way to a healthy, minimalist lifestyle and had started using environmental friendly products.

Before picture

I did some research, read  pro-grey blogs and watched videos. I was so inspired by grey haired models like Nikol Johnson Sanchez, Erica Henry Johnston and Elisa Berrini Gomez.

I also got motivated  by so many Instagram accounts especially @naturally_graysful @sparklingsilvers  @jd904  @lori_dawnolyn

One month of gray hair grow out.
gray hair transition radhika
Two months in.

I went cold turkey and kept my hair short with regular trims.

Some friends and my mom initially insisted that I should keep dyeing my hair as there is stigma attached to the grey hair especially in the Indian desi community . 

Three months of growing silvers
four months gray hair grow out
Four months in.

I even received unsolicited advice and queer looks from strangers. I decided not to let the opinions of others upset me or  question my decision. After all, why should I please everyone, and people are all going to have their own opinions.

There were also friends who supported and cheered me along the transition.

My husband was initially hesitant; his friends saying, “ So, your wife is going grey? Why?” Later, he stood with me and joined me by ditching the dye.

My two teenage kids hardly bothered about the color of my hair. At work, I didn’t get any negative comments… my students and colleagues thought it looked cool.

five months gray hair grow out
Five months.

The initial stage of transition was bumpy and it took few weeks for me to adjust to my new hair color.

Whenever I past any mirror either at home or at mall, I became conscious.

Sometimes, I felt washed out but kept my reasons strong and stayed focused on the end result. I used hats, scarves and bands to cover the demarcation.

I focused on being fit, healthy and being at peace.

six months gray hair grow out
Six months, silvers getting longer.

After I crossed the 6 months mark, I never really bothered and time just flew.

I took pictures during my transition and admired all the silver sisters on Instagram. The support and inspiration I got from the silver sisters made the transition fun and exciting.

seven months gray hair grow out
Seven months in.
eight months gray hair grow out
Eight months of growth.

My transition is complete now and the next is to add some length to my hair. The pattern of grey is mostly on the crown of my head, few at the nape.

nine months gray hair grow out
Silvers at nine months.

As women age, society makes them unseen. I refuse to be invisible just because I am growing older. So here I am accepting and loving myself, my wrinkles, curls, white hair and all.

ten months gray hair grow out
Silvers shining at ten months.
eleven months gray hair grow out (5)
Eleven months.

It is our society’s message that gets into our subconscious  and to believe that it’s not okay to go gray.

We see commercials, magazine ads, billboards and dozens of brands of hair color in every drug store and supermarket on a daily basis, reminding us at all times that we will attract a better man, a better job, and a better life, if we just color our hair.

twelve months gray hair grow out
Twelve months, before haircut.
twelve months gray hair grow out
Twelve months, after haircut.

Gray equals old is so hard-wired into our psyches that we don’t even think there is a choice, and most of us don’t seem mentally ready to consider anything but color. I too fell into the trap.

We actually think that by dying our hair we will look younger, no matter how we eat, exercise, rest, or take care of ourselves.

thirteen months gray hair grow out (8)
Thirteen months.
fourteen months gray hair grow out
Fourteen months and counting.

I may look older now, but I am happy with myself as a whole as during this transition so far.

I have learnt to love myself for who I am and just the way I am, and I owe it to my hair. The process has given me other gifts in self acceptance and self love.

fifteen months gray hair grow out
Fifteen months in.
sixteen months gray hair grow out
Sixteen months.

Going grey isn’t something that everyone embraces. I get comments, mostly compliments, all the time with their own opinions. It’s what I had expected though, and I’m okay with it.

People are certainly entitled to have their opinions and perspective.

After gray hair transition
After the transition.

I  want to be part of the movement that changes the attitude- grey hair is natural, sexy and beautiful.

Aging should not be feared; it should be embraced and appreciated. If we start thinking differently and do not care  much about what others will say, we will be happier and more comfortable in our own skin.

Love your grey… they are part of who you are. I love mine; they are part of what makes me unique.

Gray hair transition stories have been an inspiration for so many ladies out there going gray as they give us hope and encouragement to stick on our own journey. Hope you find Radhika’s story inspiring…If you are looking in for more stories click on the link below.

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4 thoughts on “Radhika’s SparklingSilvers Story”

  1. Hi Radhika! Your blog is so inspiring. What you wrote, is so true! I went through the same thing when I decided to stop dying my hair too in my mid 40s. This is the 1st time I’ve come across a blog on greyhair by a fellow Tamil! I’m so excited and inspired. Thank you!

  2. Hi Radhika! You look fabulous – and I cannot agree that you look older! I feel many women who continue to dye their hair actually can look older. They dye it too dark – which makes them look haggard – or just get the colour wrong- wrong, wrong ! Just messes up your whole look!
    I was happy when the day came and I had enough grey to stop dyeing and embrace my salt and pepper hair. I was convinced totally when a couple of old clients came in to our office,we hadn’t seen them for some time. They had let their hair grow out and they looked so young and fresh!
    Get yourselves a good hairdresser ladies and go for it – you won’t look back.

  3. Hi Radhika – Love every word you written. I am also an Indian American and travelling in the same boat in my transitioning grey hair..

    Your blog and this site gives lot of support, confidence and inspiration!!

    Thanks everyone!!

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