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Ayşegül is a holistic health and self love coach, and a dancer. She holds a strong presence in Instagram silversisters family. Her Instagram handle is  @rawthyself

This gypsy soul has her own unique ways of expressing her love for nature and dance. Her posts are soulful with positive vibes and affirmations. Read her amazing going gray journey!

As a child I used to admire my grandmother’s long grey hair, for me she looked like a Goddess coming out of a fairy tail. Then at the age of 19 I meet this amazing women who was 70 years old and she had beautiful grey hair. I couldn’t stop staring at her, she was so gracious and beautiful in every way, I remember thinking that I would love to be exactly like her at her age, she became my role model.

My name is Ayşegül Uçar, I am 41 years old. I live in South of Turkey with my two children Sita and Prem. We live in the middle of Mother Nature with our two dogs and three cats. We are a Vegan family.

young gray hair

I started having my first grey hair around the age of 24 after my first child Sita was born.

Then I started dyeing my hair for 17 years until in my 40s.

going gray hair

Before my 40s, I tried twice to grow my grey hair by cutting my hair really short pixie cut, but after some months I didn’t resist and dyed again. I had too many people staring at me, telling me and asking me if something was wrong with my health or just telling me that I was too young for grey hair… On the other side there was people finding this look really cool and courageous. But in me I always carried the wish of letting my natural grey color grow. I wanted to feel totally free.


Then after I turned 40, I had a turning point in many aspects of my life. I needed to have more authenticity which I have been seeking for so long.  So my first step was to stop the hair dye for good and free myself from it. It came with the feeling of being ready to fully be my true self without hiding and caring about all the self reflected images that wasn’t part of me and my inner world. This decision made my feel stronger and empowered in every way.

one month gray hair grow out
1 month growout

This time I didn’t cut my hair or didn’t do any highlights (didn’t want any more chemicals). The first 3 – 4 months was the hardest part because of the white shining under my really dark hair. I could feel all the looks on me like if I wasn’t doing any self care, but it was a strengthening experience for not minding the external views. In the meantime I did a lot of self care like taking care of my body, doing some detox, drinking lots of green smoothies, doing yoga and dancing a lot around the house.

3 months gray hair grow out
3 months hair grow out..

I kept washing my hair with organic shampoos and used vinegar, water and rosemary essential oil mixture that I made as a hair conditioner. I did a lot of braids, ponytails, buns or headscarves on my hair, it helped me a lot during the first few months of transition. After 4 months it started to look great, people started asking me on the street if I had my hair made specially this way at the hair dresser (they still ask).

4 month gray hair growout
4 months of growing gray hair..
sparklingsilvers six months gray hair grow out
6 months in..

Now I do get more positive responses from people, specially from women who would love to grow their natural greys. But a lot say that they’re afraid of the look they will get and that they don’t know how much white or greys they have exactly. But I always tell them that that’s the beauty of it, and that we all have different natural highlights of our natural grey hair. They’re all truly beautiful and they makes us unique in their own different ways.

1 year gray hair grow out
1 Year of growing out gray hair

Now I am two years dye free and I didn’t think about dyeing it again. I was so tired of almost 20 years of dyeing and just loved the freedom of having my natural hair. My family and friends loves my new look, in the beginning I did get some reaction from some of them. But then when they saw how good I was feeling and how confident I was about my hair it started affecting them on the contrary, they even started thinking of going grey. Even my daughter Sita now who is 17, keeps telling me that she can’t wait to get her natural greys later in life.

sparklingsilvers two years gray hair grow out
2 years of going gray!

I don’t really have a special hair care routine. I never really had, I always used natural, organic and cruelty free products and my hair did fine. But I found that my new natural hair is much healthier softer and stronger without out all the dye, so I need less hair care and definitely have so much more free time. I love using a mixture of vinegar like I said earlier as a hair conditioner on my hair after my shampoo, that really makes my hair even softer. I do a coconut oil mask ones in a while. I don’t use any other specific hair products. I love my hair wild and natural. I also don’t like to blow dry my hair unless I have to get out after a shower in the cold weather.

I used to look a lot on Pinterest before I started my transition to get inspiration, but once I started my journey honestly I didn’t feel like looking and motivating myself anymore, because I felt so free that my decision was for life and I was embracing each and every day of my transformation journey.

gray hair sparklingsilvers

After a year of letting my grey hair grow, I did try a temporary cruelty free blue hair dye for fun.

blue dyed hair gray hair sparklingsilvers
Blue dyed hair!

I don’t do a lot of makeup, I never did. Some days nothing and some days maybe a little eyeliner and a natural raspberry lip balm. I do makeup for special days or events or when I am having a dance show. And my makeup did not change after going grey. I still use the same shades but they even look and come out better with the greys.

sparklingsilvers gray hair

I am a holistic health and self love coach, and a dancer (I teach holistic dance which means healing and freeing yourself through movement). Before I started my transition into the grey I did worry about my shows and how I would look on stage. But then after my first dance show with my greys I felt really great and confident. Now I think it even looks better with all the colorful costumes I wear.  And for coaching I was afraid that grey hair wouldn’t make me look healthy… but on the contrary now I find that it gives a special glow to my skin. We reflect everything from inside out. When we change our perception of the things that we were conditioned before, doesn’t serve us anymore. Our attitude and emotions change and it is clearly reflected beautifully on the outside.

sparklingsilvers gray hair

I believe hair is really connected to emotions. Specially for women, it can really reflect our inner world and feelings. For example after a break up or an emotional change woman can have the urge to change their hair style or cut their hair really short. I did change my hair style a lot or tried to go grey with a short pixie in the past. I think our emotions are connected to our body. Our body is our temple and when we take care of ourselves emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and work on self love, then we are more in peace with our natural look and less in need of hiding our true beautiful selves. And that reflects on our whole being by making us shine from our true potential.

sparklingsilvers gray hair

I would say to my younger self that she should trust and embrace every change that Mother Nature gives her, like a precious gift. Because it will bring her all the authenticity and beauty of her true self.  And it’s normal that with every change and transformation, fear of the unknown comes with. Just try to reduce the voice of your fear. Follow and raise your inner voice and you will find your way.

I can say that with my transformation journey towards my authentic and natural self, I became addict to the feeling of freedom that fills up my heart with a sense of joy and peacefulness.

Much Love,


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  1. hello there! I read your story and it is really motivating. I agree with you on being authentic, happy with myself first to be happy with my family, healthy and just not to show an image. I don’t want to hide anything, not even my age as some women do, I’m thankful for my life and for all my 44 years old. Thank you I will resist the temptation of dyeing my hair!
    Greetings! from Las Vegas USA

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