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Dee: Young and Grey

Dee is one of the youngest silver haired girl I have known on Instagram in the past one year. This 28 year old girl also known as @naturallyplatinum on Instagram is from North Carolina. 

She discovered her first grey hair when she was around 15 and started dyeing her hair in various colours at the age of 19. After colouring her hair for 7 years she decided to put down the colour and let her grey hair grow.

young gray hair african american curly girl
Young gray silver hair african american curly curl woman

“When I was 24 I joined the military.  My time away from home was busy so there was no time for me to think about my grey. I had been gone from home for about a year with no color treatments so I had been able to see the silvers poking through. But I still wasn’t sold (I was 25 at the time) & the whole ”grey hair trend” is a big reason why I continued to dye my hair… I didn’t want to do it BECAUSE everyone else was doing it…”

In december 2016, Dee made her mind to embrace her sparkles as she was tired of being afraid of her hair. She got her hair highlighted to help her colour blend and also got her hair cut.

“I absolutely loved my hair… For two days, then my impatience set in and I went and bought a color lightener and put it on my already bleached hair. I ended up with a brassy orange/brown color all over with little blonde pieces. (not to mention all of the hair that fell out because of over-processing). So I decided to just leave my hair alone until it grew out.”

young gray silver hair curly hair woman african american

“After about 7 months in I decided to start an Instagram page to document my journey to encourage other young women like myself to embrace themselves naturally. Then I found the silver hair community. I looked for women around my age with silver hair and found Rhiannon (@silver30s) and Nina (@Naturally_graysful). I was inspired & I grew to live my grey hair and would intentionally part my hair in a certain way just to show it.

When Dee found that continuous use of flat iron on her curls started damaging her natural curl pattern, she decided to stop using heat and embrace her curls…

“Two years into my silver hair transition I officially became dye free. I am almost at my year mark without heat and I can tell that my hair is healthier for it. I love my hair and couldn’t ever imagine it any other way. My husband was my biggest support as well as other women in my life who have told me that I inspired them to embrace their grey as well.”

young gray curly hair woman african american transition story

TODAY, I still don’t have a routine for my hair I usually take it day by day and try to understand what it is my hair needs. My staple products have been the Carols Daughter Hair Milk Line and Shimmer Lights purple conditioner

My biggest take away from all of this is to understand yourself. Find out what you want and take it from there. Do it for you! Love yourself and give yourself time and grace. Being impatient on a journey like this will only cause frustration and negativity. Don’t compare yourself to others and just focus on being a better you than you were yesterday. You’re naturally a diamond, show the world your shine!

Dee also has a Youtube channel, you can follow her at Naturally Platinum. She started this channel to talk all about grey hair.

This blog has been created to give voice to the women around the world embracing their natural grey hair. You can be one to boost their thoughts and experiences by sharing this post. Thanks!

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