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before and after gray hair transition

Radhika’s SparklingSilvers Story

Radhika is an educator for TESL Ontario and being a creative person she has always had a different take on grey hair. She always believed grey hair was really beautiful and it makes people glow. Connect and follow Radhika on Instagram @duskysilver9 As we get older, our faces, in my observation, do not look good …

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AyşegΓΌl’s SparklingSilvers Story

AyşegΓΌl is a holistic health and self love coach, and a dancer. She holds a strong presence in Instagram silversisters family. Her Instagram handle is  @rawthyself This gypsy soul has her own unique ways of expressing her love for nature and dance. Her posts are soulful with positive vibes and affirmations. Read her amazing going …

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Amber’s SparklingSilvers Story

We keep on looking for inspirations that we can relate to. When I started my journey to go gray and created an Instagram documentation account, my first concern was to follow women to whom I could relate to in terms of age and hair colour. Amber was one of them. Her neat pictures and encouraging …

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Anjana’s SparklingSilvers Story

From the childhood I have been a very creative, silent and  happy within kinda girl. I am a nature lover, whenever I find myself in an indecisive situation it’s the best companion and a guide! After ten years of successful marriage and a lovely daughter, it just clicked to me one day that I can …

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Annie’s SparklingSilvers Story

From natural Dark Brunette to Golden Blonde, Annie coloured her hair for about 43 years and gave up dying 11 months ago. Annie holds an Instagram handle @annie_and_molly_m . Annie chose a path of bleached highlights for her hair transformation.Β  Annies’s SparklingSilvers Story as She narrates: I’m Annie, I’m 57, married, and live in Scotland. …

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Sparkling Silvers Stories

Nina’s Sparkling Silvers Story!

Nina is a constant source of encouragement in the silversisters community on Instagram. She keeps on inspiring and motivating  others by her uplifting posts. Her Instagram handle is @naturally_graysful. She is a YouTuber with her channel- Naturally Graysful and a Blogger- Naturally Graysful        Nina’s transition story as she narrates: It’s ironic that …

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Nicole’s Sparkling Silvers Story

It started in 2018, when Nicole found two lumps in her breast, though the lumps came out to be cysts but this was a big wake-up call for her to dig deep and examine her lifestyle choices. During the healing process she realised the effect of harmful chemicals on our body including hair dye and …

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Sarah’s Sparkling Silvers Story

Sarah spotted her first silver strand at the age of 21. She documented her going grey journey on Instagram by the name @silva_sista_sazza. “Six years into an early menopause was enough of a challenge without the bi-monthly time and energy spent in the hairdresser’s chair, despite their best efforts I always left the salon feeling …

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young grey gray hair

Dee: Young and Grey

Dee is one of the youngest silver haired girl I have known on Instagram in the past one year. This 28 year old girl also known as @naturallyplatinum on Instagram is from North Carolina.  She discovered her first grey hair when she was around 15 and started dyeing her hair in various colours at the …

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gray hair transition story

Tina’s SparklingSilvers Story!

Β I know Tina for about an year now, she is adorable and holds a positive online presence on Instagram grey hair community. You can find her on Instagram at @tinacclark687 I was super excited when Tina agreed to share her goinggrey journey! She has one of the most beautiful grey hair and is on her …

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