Sparkling Silvers Stories

Nina’s Sparkling Silvers Story!

Nina is a constant source of encouragement in the silversisters community on Instagram. She keeps on ispiring and motivating  others by her uplifting posts. Her Insatgram handle is @naturally_graysful. She is a YouTuber with her channel- Naturally Graysful and a Blogger- Naturally Graysful        Nina’s transition story as she narrates: It’s ironic that …

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Nicole’s Sparkling Silvers Story

It started in 2018, when Nicole found two lumps in her breast, though the lumps came out to be cysts but this was a big wake-up call for her to dig deep and examine her lifestyle choices. During the healing process she realised the effect of harmful chemicals on our body including hair dye and …

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Sarah’s Sparkling Silvers Story

Sarah spotted her first silver strand at the age of 21. She documented her going grey journey on Instagram by the name @silva_sista_sazza. “Six years into an early menopause was enough of a challenge without the bi-monthly time and energy spent in the hairdresser’s chair, despite their best efforts I always left the salon feeling …

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Grey Hair Friendly Shampoos 2019

I really enjoyed working on this article as it gave me an insight of various grey hair shampoos available in the market . Picking the best ones out of hundreds was so overwhelming but worth. My previous post was a thorough research of the chemicals that can be harmful for Grey hair (if used regularly). …

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young grey gray hair

Dee: Young and Grey

Dee is one of the youngest silver haired girl I have known on Instagram in the past one year. This 28 year old girl also known as @naturallyplatinum on Instagram is from North Carolina.  She discovered her first grey hair when she was around 15 and started dyeing her hair in various colours at the …

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grey silver hair care tips


Grey is not a hair pigment in itself , the combination of naturally pigmented hair and white non pigmented hair appear to look like grey colour, but as more of hair pigment reduces, the appearance turns from grey to completely white. Grey hair is often finer and drier than naturally pigmented hair and require more …


Tina’s SparklingSilvers Story!

 I know Tina for about an year now, she is adorable and holds a positive online presence on Instagram grey hair community. You can find her on Instagram at @tinacclark687 I was super excited when Tina agreed to share her goinggrey journey with me! She has one of the most beautiful grey hair and is …

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